Born: 1967, Devon, United Kingdom. Lives & works in Berlin and UK
1996-1998 Westminster University, London, M.A in Art & Digital Media
1987-1990 Cheltenham College of Art, UK: B.A Hons Degree in Painting 
Solo Exhibitions

‘Clement Page - Psychoanalytic Seminar Zurich, Switzerland

'Indivisible Remainder - New Paintings' , Galerie Van De Weghe, Antwerp Belgium
'Light that Obscures', Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen Denmark
'Film screenings', Freud Museum, London UK
Light that Obscures', Austrian Cultural Forum, London UK
‘Recent Watercolours', Exprmntl gallery, Toulouse France
'Watercolours', Galerie Van de Weghe, Antwerp Belgium
'Hold Your Breath' film/related watercolours, Kuckei + Kuckei Galerie, Berlin Germany
Hold Your Breath' film/related drawings, Austrian Cultural Forum, Berlin Germany
'Films and watercolours', Exprmntl gallery, Toulouse France
'New watercolours' Kuckei + Kuckei Galerie, Berlin Germany
'Tiny Pain' film installation, Galerie 15, Cologne Germany
'Watercolours', E31 Gallery, Athens, Greece
'Crypto-phobia, New watercolours', Brot und Spiele Gallery, Berlin Germany

'Sleepwalker', E31 Gallery, Athens Greece
'Turned to Stone', film screening, Riverside Studios Cinema, London, UK
'Turned to Stone' , Austrian Cultural Forum, London UK
'Sleepwalker' film installation VTO Gallery, London UK
'Unknown Disturbance', Trafalgar Art Hotel, London UK
'Topologies', The Factory, London UK

Group Exhibitions

Summer Edition 2018, Galleri Christopher Egelund, Copenhagen, Denmark
'All ‘Idea Di Quel Metallo’ Verband Deutscher Burgschaftsbanken, Berlin
Kunst hilft Tieren in Not’ Kunsthalle Feldbach, Austria

'Into the Deep End', Wasserfarben, Art Von Frei galerie, Berlin, Germany
Cambridge Film Festival, Arts Picture house, Cambridge UK 
Film screenings, Film Haus Nuernberg Germany
'Creating Realities', Kapitel 2: LEllipse, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich Germany
'Dark Sides of', Tore Suessbier Art Projects, Berlin Germany
Kino Der Kunst, Film Festival, Munich, Germany
Neues Museum, Nurnberg Germany
'Fear and Desire', Young Projects, Los Angeles USA
Akerhus Kunstsenter, Oslo Norway
'Szenarien des Unheimlichen', Kunstverein Neuhausen, Neuhausen/Fildern Germany
'Affekte', Kunstpalais, Stadt Erlangen Germany
'Outsider (un geste a part', Centre d'Art Bastille - Grenoble France
'Outsider (un geste a part', Bibliotheque Domaine universitaire France
'Open End' Films and Video's from Sammlung Goetz, Haus der Kunst, Munich Germany
'Open End' Films and Video's from Sammlung Goetz, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany
'Switch' Galerie Dukan Hourdequin, Paris, France 
'Video in the city', curated by Art Brussels exhibition panel, Brussels, Belgium
'Holidays in Greece', Berlin, Germany
'Berlin Artists films' Z Bar Cinema, Berlin, Germany
'Film and Installation' City of Donetsk Ukraine 
'Film and Video', Inaugural exhibition of ESc Art Centre in Lviv Ukraine
'Walking the Line II'I, Kudlek Van Der Grinten Galerie, Cologne Germany
'Fear', Lo & Behold Present, Athens Greece
'Hold Your Breath' Film, Directors Lounge, Berlin Germany
'Silence is so sex', Exprmntl gallery, Toulouse France
'Return -Video art & Horror movies', HBC Screenings, Berlin Germany
Berlinale, Directors Lounge, Turned to Stone film Installation, Berlin Germany
'Now', Musovian Centre of Contempoary Art, Random Poland
'Drawings', Brot und Spiele Gallery, Berlin Germany
'Silent Dialogues', American College of Athens Gallery Greece
'Auslaender in Berlin', curated by Margherita Belaief, Citric gallery, Brescia Italy
'Topografia Della latenza', Facolta di Architettura, Sisily Italy.
'Drawings', Brunnenstr196 Projects, Berlin Germany
'Everyday Stories', Hellenic American Union, Athens Greece
'Video nights', Citric Gallery Italy
'Gratuitous little Weight', Standpoint Gallery, London UK
'Narrative Discontinuities', Citric Gallery Italy
'Topologies', Athens Airport Terminal, Athens Greece
'Come To Light', Cell Projects, London UK
Ehlers Caudill Gallery, Chicago USA
'Lost for Words', Coins Gallery, London UK
'Sick', 152 Brick Lane Gallery, London UK
Public Collections
Sammlung Goetz, Goetz Media Art Collection, Munich, Germany
Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich Germany
SOR Rusche Art Collection, Oelde/ Berlin
American college of Greece Art Collection, Athens, Greece
New Museum, Academy of Motion Picture art and sciences, USA
Private Collections
Mathias Ricker collection, Munich, Germany
Assael Architects collection, London, UK
Gerry Elias, London, UK
Vicky Caplan, London UK
Kurt de Munter, Ghent, Belgium
Nancy Kougioufa, Athens, Greece
Mrs. Claudia Wille, Berlin, Germany
Peter Ungeheuer, Berlin
C & T Wagner, Berlin, Germany
F Crowther, Berlin, Germany
Ernst Moritz Krossa, Berlin, Germany
Ribbentrop, Berlin, Germany
Thomas Russer collection, Berlin, Germany
Horace Page, London, UK
Wolfgang Degodka,Berlin, Germany
Dr Christoph Poppinghaus, Berlin, Germany
Carlo Clerici, Brescia, Itlay
Filippo Ferrario, Brescia, Italy
C & T Wagner, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Glen Keller, London, UK
Savage Architects, London, UK
Teresa Pascale, Bristol, UK
Sue Appleton, Devon, UK 
Private collections in United Kingdon, Switzerland,
Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Austria, USA
Grants and awards
Brandenburg Median Board Film Fund, Berlin
Akerhus Kunstsenter, Norway
Austrian cultural forum, London
Sigmund Freud Stiftung, Frankfurt a.M
Brandenburg Median Board Film Fund, Berlin
Austrian cultural forum, Berlin
Sigmund Freud Stiftung, Frankfurt a.M
Austrian cultural forum, London
Austrian cultural forum, London
English Arts Council Grant, London
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